Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a day~~~

Today is Sunday. Another long day of working on the Kitchen. We have so much to do. Things left to do... Put up Drywall,Scrape Ceiling,put down flooring,paint back splash,Put up Cabinets.

Well we Found out Friday Gordon will be getting Layoff in a few weeks. So with that being said we'll need to saving money.So my granite counter tops will not be happening.I'm so upset. But I totally understand the idea of saving money for the long haul.So I guess We need to look at some cheap counter tops to last us till the job thing gets better.

So with that idea of saving money. My Scrapping budget just got cut off. Okay Now I'm TICKED! We just got a hobby Lobby too. I should be able to get a ton of my own stuff done. I'm kinda excited about that thought but what about the buying part.....WA

Well I'm off to eat some food and drink my coffee.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

First Time......

I have No clue what I'm doing here. but I'll give it a whirl.
My Goal here is ...Hmmmmm thinking?
Learning more about life.

Where I Live....

Where I Live....
Only On My Road...

if the shoe fits Scrap it....