Saturday, December 13, 2008

Need help

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed! Anyone wanna clean my room?

Simple cards

Okay here are the Christmas Cards I made this year. Simple but cute!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Crazy November.....

Well, it's been a very long November! Where do I start... first Gordon is in Jobs bank(paid to stayed home) Which i thought would be great for the kitchen.WRONG! It's been almost 3 months of no kitchen. It's driving me nuts.
My Mother in law turn 60 on november 20th. I did manage to squeak out a GRANDMA book but my printer is down so no photo's. But each Grandkid signed it and wrote alittle something to her. She Loved it.Oh Crap I didn't get a picture of it. I'll have to snag one when i'm down there sometime. I love it!
Great Grandma had a stroke in the back part of her brain.So we've been running to hospital to be with her. Then she got moved to rehab a few ago where well She is 90 but man it's heartbreaking.Then right after thanksgiving the doctor told us it was time for hospice to take over case. UGH! NOT MY GRANDMA GREAT! The meeting with hospice is today.

Monday December 1st Aunt Debbie (46) collapsed in her bathroom.She is now in hospital (ICU). After two days of thinking it's an infection in her brain we find out she had 2 strokes one on each side of her brain.UGH!!!

I want to scrap away my thoughts. But man with everything going on and Gordon home, I just can seem to find the time.
WEll Today Friday December 5th I have to Scrap! :) I need to make to projects for two 6 week challenges I'm in. Last week I Sucked ..Came in LastBut then again I did it 2 hours before dead line. My Photo sucked but my flowers and fairy look pretty cool in real life oh well everyone hated it.
I'm off to do Better! I need a Win!!

Where I Live....

Where I Live....
Only On My Road...

if the shoe fits Scrap it....