Monday, May 18, 2009

using items you have on hand..thinking out of box

Look around your house for things to use..Like Pop can tabs for ribbon pulls,notebook paper,markers,paper bags,hole punch,cereal boxes & Etc...
These are just a few ideas of the top of my head.
1)Paper bags make Great Flowers
2)Cereal boxes make chip board
3)Markers on a sponge spray lightly with water smear across paper
4)Flip the paper over use the back fold a corner to show.
5) Beer caps
6) Buttons off old clothing ie if you have a photo of kid in something that is now trashed pull buttons off.
7) Jean pockets make great pages
8) Sew a flower into paper. Needle and thread (under a $1.00)

What other types of thing can or have you used?


Jacilynn said...

I've used the plastic netting that a bag of oranges come in to use as netting on my cards!

almondeyez2000 said...

Hey Judith! I have something for you over at place, come by and pick it up!

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