Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shimmer Mist spray

Shimmer Mist Spray

Shimmer Mist Sprays are one of the most sought after scrapbooking and cardmaking products on the market today. Supplies:
Pearl-Ex Pigment Powder - color(s) of your choice (Jacquard)
Pump Spray Bottle
Non Aerosol Hairspray
Small Spoon
For this recipe, I will be using a 2-ounce pump spray bottle but you can use any size that you have handy.
1. Fill the spray bottle halfway with non-aerosol hairspray
2. Add about three small spoonfuls of Pearl-Ex Pigment powder to the bottle with hairspray
3. Shake well and have fun!

Shimmer spray #2
1 this is a green one I made that is more on the transparent side as you can see on the white paper... And those are the things I used. .. I used equal parts of water and alcohol, added some perfect pearls and about 20 drops of the tim holtz alcohol ink.. I got the sprayer bottle from walmart fo 50 cents..
In this picture is the altering I did to the one in Pic 1.. I added about 3 drops of the lime green paint, and 3 of the other color.. I added some antique gold powder and some brilliant gold powder...and my green mist is now a pretty brownish gold as you can see on the paper...
Play with what you have.. I'm sure the possibilties are endless.. Oh the only thing is you have to shake realy well...Good Luck, and show me what you come up with.. I don't have reinkers, but if I did they would be more colorful.. So if you have some let me know how they work out.. Acrylic paint seems to do the trick though.. as long as it's thinned out, it works.. I'll be playing tomorrow with more colors..LOL
If you plan on using these on your LO, make sure that all the items you are using are acid free..
I know you really can't see the shimmer, but it's there
Oh, there are several ways to make these, but I just want to be on the safe side and use what I have at home, and try to make them acid free..
My friend used clothes dye from walmart.. and hers are really colorful.. But I haven't tried that yet.. But I'm sure reinkers work just as well..
Good luck, and show me what you come up with..(Thank you Snazzymom ~Lisa)

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